Amigo has metamorphosed out of a humble beginning with a team of just two members in 2007. It was created with the vision of eliminating gaps in the supply and demand for vacancies in the corporate world. Talent and Skill shortages hampers productivity, quality and the bottomline in every industry.
Amigo aims to work as a catalyst between professionals, institutes and industry while addressing ever changing industry demands for skilled professionals.

Work Ethics

Amigo understands the work it has been doing with its clients and strives to build a successful long term relationship with our clientele based on results, growth and trust with an eye on enterprise requirements. Working as trusted and strategic partners, we focus on mitigating the underlying barriers that hamper the equilibrium between demand and supply.


Provide flexible, client specific Human Resource Solutions in the areas of employability services, training, recruitment, and staffing for young professionals.


To be a respected, trusted and one of the most sought after HR Services partner thriving on continuous improvement.

Staffing Solutions
Recruitment is critical to the success of the organization as there is a dearth of skilled workforce. The best organizations succeed because they have the right people.HR Departments spend a lot of time, effort and money in hiring resources to meet ever-changing requirements based on the market and industry dynamics.Our services help our client as their extended HR arm, in managing their talent needs by providing skilled employees just right for the profile.